Mi comida favorita

In our Spanish classes grade 3 read the book "A qué sabe la luna" ('What does the moon taste like?') by Michael Grejniec.

The animals in the book are very curious to find out what 'la luna' tastes like and try to reach it by climbing on top of each other. But none of them is able to reach it until the little mouse climbs on the top... and it tastes like the most delicious thing in the world... for each of them. So to the mouse it tastes like cheese, and to the elephant... I don't know, probably like peanuts ! What would the moon taste like to you? Grade 3 students have been learning how to describe their favourite dishes in Spanish using this sentence: "Mi comida favorita es..." ('my favourite food is...'). Among the most popular were pizza, spaguetti bolognese and burgers (of course!)

This term grade 3 have been recording iMovies to present them to the class. You can see some of their work in the movies below.

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