Importance of learning a
Second Language 

 Listen here the Spanish pronunciation :



Our Spanish Program at Taylors Lakes Primary School follows

the content  of the Victorian Curriculum.


Prep to Year 6 students attend Spanish lessons.

In  our sessions, students are involved in hands on investigations that promote individual and collaborative learning.

In our classses  we apply our learning to a variety of activities that cover speaking, listening, reading and writing, and science related topics. 


The Spanish program is planned and delivered in a fun environment where  language is introduced, reinforced, consolidated and expanded on a regular basis. 

There is a general consensus that there are significant benefits in learning a language for students.

The ability to use a language other than English to understand and/or move between cultures is important for social cohesiveness, the advancement of social harmony and responsible citizenship in a global community. 

TLPS is a community of students, staff and families working together to create a diverse, engaging and respectful learning environment. 

We are learning Spanish through Science following the CLIL approach



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And YOU? Are you learning  our Spanish word of the week ?


Qué dice la vaca?...
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Bienvenidos semester 2

Resources in Spanish

Find materials to learn Spanish here:

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Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 5.28.45 pm.png



Las Formas


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Los Animales


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Las Frutas


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Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 5.28.18 pm.png

Los Números 


La Escuela 

  Our School 

Vamos a Cantar!

Spanish Songs

Manos...... cabeza...... pies!! 

Colombian superstar Juanes sings "Muevete" with Sesame Street's Elmo and Rosita teaching kids to get up and move with the music using their 'manos,' 'cabeza,' 'pies' -- that's hands, head and feet!

Maestro puedo ir al baño .. Por favor! 

 Preps to grade 6 Students have been singing this song to learn how to ask - Mrs F Can i go to go to the bathroom?.


Fully in Spanish !!

An important  piece of information in our Spanish lessons!

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